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bunnystardust's Journal

catch fire to the snow
24 January 1983
i had a dream/i stood beneath an orange sky

here it comes/a better version of me

"'d! or 'ed!", andrew vives, ani difranco, artistic home improvement projects, bath and body works, bdsm, being a queen, being dominant, being loved, birthdays, books, boston, chinese fire drill/car wash, choosing unique paint colors, closer, coldplay, comfy sweatpants, compulsive journal reading/writing, contact, convertable beetles, creative writing, creme brulee, dancing, daschel, dashboard fest!, dave matthews band, ddr, death cab for cutie, diane keaton, djarum blacks, douchecunt!, dr. pepper, driving in my honda, eeler and skanko, emo, european history, fall and winter, fiona apple, french, fucking the office manager, gap, gayness, gerbera daisies, getting the mail, gillian anderson, girls, giving/receiving cards, going on holiday, grand opening in brookline, guster, hallmark stores, harry potter, harvard square, hillary rodham clinton, home depot, hott ipod playlists, ice cream, interesting sex books, jack johnson, jamaica plain, jason mraz, jazz, jodie foster, jp, kissing, lesbians, liz phair, ll bean, loews boston common, looking at wedding invitations, lost in translation, louis and ella duets, love, love actually, maine, making cool tee shirts, mashed po's, michelle pfeiffer, mint tea, moulin rouge, mr. fondu kitty, mrslemonpoppyseedlovemuffin, muffy, munchie man, my grandma, nicole kidman, northeastern university, old french music, olive garden, pets section on craigslist, picture frames, plants, poetry, purses, queer as folk, rain, real world, rent, role playing, sadie, saves the day, secretary, seventh street coffee, shakespeare, shopping, sick days, signature style coach, sigur ros, singing, sleeping doggies, sleeping in, snorkling, spam, sparkles, spin the bottle, ssx tricky, starbucks, stars, stealing from restaurants, sunday champagne brunch, super taco bell/kfc/pizza hut!, surprises, susan sarandon, sweaters, tatu, tegan and sara, tgi fridays midnight dinners, the beatles, the cupcake kids, the great gatsby, the hours, the l word, the matrix, the movie "mean girls", the name "grey", the oc, the ocean, the pats, the story of us, theresa elisabeth, tide, tracy chapman, vanilla sky, vintage posters, working at pepsi, wrigleys doublemint gum, x files, yankee candle, yoga