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i fucking love tv!!!!

Ok I just had to make one of my random updates, and this one is about how much I truly love television. We watched the Season 3 finale of The OC this evening, and I've just been thinking, damn I fucking love The OC, and The West Wing, and The L Word, and Qaf, and man can life get any better than being so engrossed in fictional characters that they so completely exist to you? You may think I'm stoned talking so crazy like this but surprisingly I'm not. I think I'm just a little insomniac overtired. But anyway, I'm so glad I get to enjoy such quality pieces of television art, it's the most intriguing addiction, you get so sucked in, but wait! you have to wait months for a new season! Ingenious! I can't contain my overbubbling. So basically I just thought about how much I love my shows and how I am so glad I have been lucky enough to experience them!!!!!!

And I caused a total breakdown of one of the self check out registers at Dorchester Stop and Shop tonight, it was pretty hardcore. In fact, tonight has been so hardcore I think I need to go to sleep.

Good night!
Somehow it always seems easier to write under the influence. I have been ill the last 2 days, but that still doesn't account for my being lj awol for 22 weeks. But I digress.

Ok so why bureaucracy? Northeastern is the worst school in the country. By the way folks, you should shoot your child in the face and cut off their right leg before you let them apply. I am so annoyed with the whole topic of school. Fuck higher education. I have a dream, I'll imagine a world where faculty at a school just want to see their students succeed, and will make it their job to make sure that person has the best and most effortless experience they could possibly have while they're in their care.

So, I hate school. But what else is new. I'm hoping to fix this shit sometime soon I guess.

What's the point of writing anything anyway? Does anything ever change?

I love Quiznos. If you've never been you need to go. NOW.

If there's one thing I've learned, it's get your Mother Fucking Bachelors Degree kids, because without it you will just be a Minimum Wage Loser.

But why would you listen to a 23 year old coot with a penchant for Brian Green?


MSPCA Walk for Animals

Hello everyone out there in lj land. Wanted to inform you that Miss Blackman and I will be participating in the MSPCA-Angell 25th Annual Walk for Animals on September 10th this year, and we would love to find some sponsors. It's a great cause, who doesn't want to help little homeless and sick puppies and kitties out? And just think, all you have to send is the $$$! You get to sit at home on your lazy ass while we (with Sadie of course) do the walking! So check it out- www.mspca.org/walk
and help us start to reach our goal! Any amount will be greatly appreciated. Once you get to the website and check it out, you just click on "sponsor walker" and put in either one of our full names. I would like to think that most of you out there already know them, but if someone is reading I'm not aware of, my last name is Cullin. After that it will take you to the donation page, and the rest is a piece of cake!

We feel very lucky to have three wonderful pets in our lives. Thanks for helping us bring that joy to someone else ;)


got the email today, check it out

Help Save Equal Marriage Rights in Massachusetts

I just signed a petition to celebrate the one-year anniversary of so many gay and lesbian couples who got legally married in Massachusetts one year ago this May. I hope you will too.

MassEquality is gathering this petition to present to legislators who will soon consider a proposed constitutional amendment that would take away equal marriage rights. If legislators vote the way they did last year, equal marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples will be put up for a popular vote.

Signing on is incredibly easy – just visit www.MassEquality.org.

Please make sure that Massachusetts legislators know you support equal marriage rights.


over and out :)

Its a fingers are cold night I guess

Today I was driving Emi's car around good ol' Dorchester, and we were listening to the Miranda cd, and an Anna Nalick song came on. Don't I know the song Breathe (2am)? What planet am I on? No, I did not. I realize that I never listen to the radio, ever. I guess I miss all the latest hits.

So later in the afternoon Emi sent me the song which I find quite enjoyable, especially the lines "cause you can't jump the track/we're like cars on a cable/and life's like an hourglass glued to the table..." I find them ridiculously catchy, and the most beautiful sounding of the song. I've been listening to an odd mixture of music lately (Green Day, Elliott Smith, Simon and Garfunkel, Eminem?) and so it just got lumped into the latest playlist, 4/8 random mix! on itunes. I adore my itunes, what fun it is to make random playlists, deleting and adding on a whim, indulging my picky music mood daily, what a great time.

I enjoy how I'm updating on like a once every 2 months or so basis, it's really classy.

We are supposed to come home tomorrow but I think I'm too lazy for such a lengthy endeavor. I wish it was simpler, and didn't cause mounds of stress. I don't really want to leave, it's almost as if I wish I could pack up 66 Hyde Park Ave, Apt. 2 and open it back up somewhere in the Milford/Matamoras area. Mmm how much more splendid things would be! I hate travel accommodations...everyone is just happy when they are over (unless it's a stay at the Vives residence of course) and you can go home and back to your life, and they can resume theirs.

I guess I didn't really clear anything up with that paragraph. I guess we're leaving tomorrow night, but the thought of it just makes me overwhelmingly tired.

Ok but I have almost forgotten the most important thing...SOMEONE MUST GIVE UP THEIR TV FOR MY SICK NEEDS ON THURSDAY NIGHT!!!! I can not go without the OC, Making the Band 3, and Power Girls. I know it is a severe problem, but I'm getting treatment, and hoping one day I'll move on from bad Pdiddy reality tv. Until then, can your tv be mine from 8pm until 11?

John Lithgow is giving this year's graduation speech at Harvard...damnit, why didn't I go there, John Lithgow fucking rocks! But this my friends, is life.

Fucking comcast I'm going to fuck those fuckers in their mother fucking bloody assholes...my internet is so fucking slow a turtle could produce a higher quality and speed spinning in a fucking hamster wheel.

Hm, not sure what that meant exactly but...

Oo I wish I had some ganja...only 3 more days! wee!

I am the most uninteresting person you will ever see on your friends page. Why update when everyone has a better story to tell than you?

I must go to bed, these thoughts are too (ed) big(head) for me to continue on with any longer.

swimming through sick lullabies/choking on your alibis/but it's just the price I pay/destiny is calling me/open up my eager eyes/cause I'm Mr Brightside

oo the killers suckers!!! i am too punk! night!

No one can rain on our parade

why can't you be with me
watching american tv
we'll order in chinese
and ask the world
to stay away, please

What an awesome song...mmmgoodmusicfromtheoc :D

Previous to my poem the other day, I haven't updated in forever. Don't worry, it's not you, it's me. I've been unable to write forever. Or unmotivated. I don't feel like I have the energy to do it. I also feel like, what is there to write about? Nothing extremely interesting has occurred anytime lately.

Today I brushed Sadie's teeth for the first time (my first time, not her first toothbrushing) and gave her a good brushing. I must say it was a wholly soothing/relaxing experience. I liked hearing the toothbrush going swish swish swish against her pearly white toofers...she apparently liked the beefy flavor or whatever it is of the toothpaste, so I guess we both win. We also had some great outdoor time twice, which was nice, and much better than yesterday when she thought we were playing a game and would not let me catch her. She is the greatest dog in the world!!!!

Yesterday I bought The Whole Lesbian Sex Book by Felice Newman, the revised and expanded second edition (2004). I must say, it's rather informative. I had perused the first edition when it came out (1999) and wasn't very impressed...this one seems to be a lot better, so if you're a dyke and you're out there looking for a new interesting read/informative sex bible, this is it! Don't confuse it with The Lesbian Sex Book: A Guide for Women Who Love Women however, since it's completely different, that one having more of a dictionary setup and no good in my opinion.

Not much else is new, on one of my shopping adventures I brought home a new betta, his name is Oscar, he's grumpy and awesome. I've also been reading A Home at The End of The World by Michael Cunningham...I haven't been able to do much reading for the same reasons I haven't been able to write, but I knew after I saw the movie I had to read the book. I liked the movie, the ending was a little too abrupt, but I really feel like Colin Farrell did an amazing job. I'm not really into him, he's always seemed like a cocky douche bag to me, but I loved him loved him loved him in this...so good and so cute. :)

I made a trip to Weymouth Walmart the other day and got Orange Crush in the glass bottles...totally awesome!!!! Other than that, my life is dull I guess.

Well homies, I need to get ready to go pick up my love from work. Until the next time, peace out yo.

beautiful songs

i am tired and you are touching me touching me touching me
already i am zombied out and ridiculous
pale cold somnambulant pariah

certainly soon i will put a pill on my tongue and lay down to sleep
how likely to be sooner or later
its already tomorrow here

skimming over skin with nails like kittens loving puddled milk
bracelets renew my hopeless faith in
oddly lovely things like

numb and hot like a short circuited overly used real life dream
here is where and there and the hows
all make no sense

signing off for this evening since its obvious that i'm completely spent
intrigued me like a light halo in the mirror
fuzzy white edges made

you are reminiscent in my green hued consolation i guess


Oh life is so much better with drugs

I'll put a spell on you,
You'll fall asleep and I'll put a spell on you.
And when I wake you,
I'll be the first thing you see,
And you'll realise that you love me.

How I love the OC (can we say obsessed?!), good days with my girlfriend (she came home from work early, how awesome is that?!), a little mj now and then, dippin sticks from pizzahut, feeling like everything is incredibly beautiful?

If only this feeling could translate into tomorrow, life would be so much better.

I need to cuddle up my squishems...night.

Sandy is love

look at how great Sandy is...mmm, I especially like the green and indigo sections...simply tasty...ooo what a hottie...mmm i heart Sandy....

Kirsten & Sandy are love.

and I mean who could have Sandy without Kirsten?! Come on!? These are 2 hotties in one pod! What a deal! You might be saying to yourself, where is the colorbar with only Kirsten? Check out my info! It's the best! I know, you won't be able to stop yourself.

These are some hott ass colorbars, and I know you want them, if so, please comment and I will explain how you too can have the foxiest couple on the OC in your lj!!! This is a rather complicated process, you need somewhere to host images, but I'm sure we could work something out...

mmmsandyandkirsten, you know you want it.
Bleh I don't know what to say, I want to feel inspired, I want to feel normal. I am anything but.

Tonight when we finally got out of bed, T and I went to see "In Good Company." I felt overwhelmingly good about it. I really enjoyed it. It was quietly good.

My head is aching, but I can't seem to stop. Why can't I just go to bed like a normal human being?

They tell you I'm difficult, but so are they...

I fucking hate everything.